10 Reasons That Prove There is More To Life Than Just Marriage

Marriage is Not a Deadend to Life Girls
Every girl dreams of her prince charming, riding a white horse and getting married to her. It has been drilled in a girls’ thought process that she is to get married and live a life dedicated to her family. But, did you realize there is more to life for a girl than just being married? We will give you 10 valid reasons that prove getting married is not the only accomplishment for a girl.

More to Life Than Marriage
There is More To You Than Getting Married

#1 Getting Married Does Not Determine Your Position in the Society

Designer clothes, designer jewelry, an exotic wedding destination with a wedding planner in tow. Well, weddings are not a reflection of your family status in the society. Do not ever make the mistake of having a big fat wedding as an accomplishment for your life. Girl, it is not an accomplishment till you foot each and every bill for wedding and not your PARENTS!!

More to Life Than Marriage
Grand Wedding Don’t Make You Successful

#2. There is More to Life Than Earning Prestige from Marriage

You can flaunt your successful husband around, but what have you achieved in life? Getting married will only change your status from single to married. It won’t raise the bar for earning your position in the society as a successful individual. There is more to life than just being so and so’s wife.

More to Life Than Marriage
Try to be More than Just a Wife

#3. Your Husband Does Not Become Your Identity

Wake up girls! If you still think a husband is your identity, then God help you. You are an individual who has the every right to have an identity apart from being a Mrs. of an eligible Mr.

More to Life Than Marriage
Find Your Own Identity