10 Reasons Why Low Maintenance Girls Make The Perfect Girlfriend

There are two types of women in this world. The high maintenance type, who are the center of attention at every situation, are perfectionist and have high expectations from their partner. And then, there is the low maintenance type girls, who are laid back, easy going and hate drama.
Men love low maintenance girls because they are caring, chilled out and fun to hang out with. In case, you haven’t come across women like this in life, we present you 10 reasons why dating a low maintenance woman is awesome.

1. She doesn’t spend too much time dressing up

She doesn’t spend a lot of time dressing up to go out with you. In fact, she can even get ready before you, if she wants. All she needs is a pair of jeans, t-shirt and she’s ready to go. But that does not mean she’s lazy. She just doesn’t see the point in spending excessive hours primping herself.

Low Maintenance Girls


2. She won’t drag you on weekend shopping trips

Her idea for a perfect weekend does not include going to the mall and trying the same dress a hundred times. Instead, she’s the type of girl who wants to do something that is fun for both of you. Whether it is watching a movie together, or going on a long drive, everyday is a new adventure with her.

Low Maintenance Girls