10 Reasons Why Having Period $ex Is Hot And You Should Definitely Do It

Most men find the idea of having $ex with a girl whose on her period to be utterly disgusting. The idea of period $ex has been relatively unheard and still considered as a taboo. Which is infuriating in itself, since this mentality only reinforces the idea that periods are something to be ashamed of.
But if you feel it’s something you should do with your partner, there is no reason that you should stop yourself. There are several reasons backing up the idea of period $ex, like the ones complied below.

1. It’s not as messy as most men think

Unless a woman is on a very high period, there’s no way that you’re going to have blood smeared all over your body. According to gynecologists, the average amount of blood released during periods range from 20 to 40 ml. Considering that this amounts to a little amount of blood every minute, the total amount would be barely noticeable.

10 Reasons Why Couples Should Try Period $ex

2. Having periods is natural

Periods are not something to be grossed out of. They’re as normal as anything. If you think otherwise, it is merely a reflection of close mindedness towards $ex and human anatomy in general.

10 Reasons Why Couples Should Try Period $ex