10 Most INAPPROPRIATE Celebrity Family Relationships

Family is a group of people who look after each other. They teach each other about the world and they grow together. Be it your brother, sister or spouse, you all stay bonded together with love. Family is the support system that acts as protection against all odds. If you are looking for consistency in life- family is all you need.
Family members give attention to each other.  They look after each other. When you think of the word family- You have shoulders to cry or share your happiness with. But at times, the balance does not strike. Things do go odd. Here are some examples of the famous Hollywood couples.

1- Angelina Jolie and James Haven 

You may be surprised to know- James Haven is Angelina Jolie’s Brother. On the occasion of Golden Globe Awards and Academy awards, she was found kissing him on lips. This was something made many people say – eeeks!!! After all, which woman gets this very intimate with her own brother. All this was recorded before she got married to Brad Pitt.

2- Donald and Ivanka Trump

Donald Trump is very much in News these days. Whatever he does, is the main headline of the Newspapers the next day. Many people say that all his moves are under close observation-
including his weird relationship with his daughter Ivanka Trump.
He has been seen lusting over his own daughter. At times he has gone beyond the line and said that had she not been his daughter he would have dated and banged her.