10 Most Common Complaints Of Unhappy Wives

Talking of marriages and how complicated they can often turn out to be. Marriage? A bond that’s complete with a man who loves his woman and a woman who stands by her man always. Complaint is one aspect that exists in every relationship I believe, especially when we talk in the context of marriage. Wives are often the ones who complain more according to men, well yeah that’s even true to an extent.
Let’s take a look at the most common complaints of unhappy wives:

1. She needs appreciation and he never does that

man giving flowers
Man giving Flowers to woman

One of the major complaints an unhappy wife generally has is that husbands do not appreciate the efforts wives make for them. Be it regarding the amazing food she cooks for him or be it regarding the extra effort she makes to keep the house as amazingly decorated as she can, husbands rarely notice stuff, and even if they do they just don’t appreciate it. Somehow women always feel bad when her effort isn’t appreciated.

2. His love and addiction called video games# Leading to Unhappy wives

Man playing video games
Man playing video games while wife waits

Aaaahh, maximum wives hate video games because of the fact that their husbands often become too involved in their obsession of video games that they just forget them, even wives need attention. No matter how mad a wife is at a man for the games part, men are too much in love, to be bothered about wives when it comes to playing the video games.

3. He never helps around the house

unhappy wives -He doesn't help
women complaints

He never helps, just never, when it comes to spending time on chores. Men rarely, note this, RARELY help in the household works which is certainly a big complaint from wives all around the world. Some one said it right, the problem with women is men.

4. Coz he doesn’t do anything about kids

Man and a kid
Man struggling with a kid

Now that’s not just a complaint but also a serious issue which women have. Bringing up a child is a huge responsibility as well as a task that surely needs patience. According to maxim wives, men just don’t do anything about kids, thus making it hell difficult for them to manage it all alone.

5. His drinking addictions

Man in bar
A man drinking alcohol

Alcohol when taken occasionally is never a problem with wives. But then being an addict and not able to look anything beyond that alcohol addiction is surely an issue for wives. Who likes being with a man who is hardly in his senses after all?

6. Same arguments everyday and yet he fails to understand

Arguments between a couple
Husband and wife fighting

It’s like a never ending chase for wives. She ends up fighting on the same topic almost every day, arguing and complaining yet the things stand right there from where they began. Wives not only become unhappy, but also get tired because of these never ending chases.

7. It’s just about sex

Man & woman after sex

Sex isn’t bad, which woman on this earth would say so? But then when your marital relationship is just about sex and only sex, that’s where the problem stands. Wives have this complaint from their husbands because there are heaps of scenarios where he doesn’t give a damn about her desires/wants/moods. All he is concerned with is, the fact that he wants sex. That’s it.

8. He doesn’t discuss # Then he says why you complain?

Husband and wife problems
Wife mad her husband

Problem is when he doesn’t discuss things and takes decisions without considering the fact that you being a wife, also should be regarded important enough and should be asked once before taking major decisions. It’s like one random morning you wake up and you see a home theater worth 1 lakh. Surprises are okay, but decisions big enough like these need to be mutual.

9. His YES YES approach for his parents no matter what

wives -In-laws
Man with his mother and wife

Quite relatable isn’t it? Wives stay quite unhappy with the fact that their husbands have a never ending YES YES approach towards their parents. It’s not that respecting is bad, but never saying no to them no matter what, is what that makes wives feel really insecure and somewhat unhappy.

10. He is not consistent about things

Me and you apart
Couple fights

Lack of stability is one reason why wives become so unhappy and often keep on complaining. Men hardly stay consistent in their love, care and efforts when it comes to the relationship called marriage.
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