10 Massacres of the World Which Remained Hidden All These Years !!


1. The Hyderabad Massacre

Image Source: The Quint
Soon after the independence of India, Hyderabad had gone through an ugly massacre during September-October 1948, which is known as one of the best kept secrets in the Indian history. Indian Prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru gave orders to the Indian army to invade the Hyderabad state after the state’s Muslim Nizam (prince) refused to surrender the sovereignty and join the newly formed Indian Republic. According to the report, between 27,000 and 40,000 Muslims were killed. Bodies were found lying in ditches and wells were found filled with corpses. Nehru commissioned a report to investigate the matter when he heard rumours of civilian killings. Indian government has not revealed the report for decades to avoid igniting tensions between the Muslim and Hindu communities.

2. The Katyn Massacre

Image Source: Wikipedia

The Katyn massacre in 1940 is known as the series of mass executions of Polish nationals and remains one of the extreme war killings on the record. Under the orders of the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD), the Soviet Secret Police executed over 22,000 Polish prisoners of the war, including officers taken prisoner during the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939 and other police officers. Prisoners were handcuffed and led to a soundproof cell where executioners forced them to their knees and shot them in the back of their head. The bodies were then piled into a mass grave. The Soviet Union denied responsibility for the massacre for four decades until 1990, when President Gorbachev acknowledged the crimes publicly.
3. The 1950s Korean Massacre
Image Source: Cbsnews
In the summer of 1950 during the Korean War, South Korean authorities killed tens of thousands of suspected communists and suspected sympathizers. Victims were lined up on the edge of a cliff and killed by open fire. According to a commissioner of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Korea, at least 100,000 people were executed on suspicion of supporting communism. The massacre was covered up for 40 years, as the survivors and relatives of victims were threatened with death if they revealed information about the massacre. During the 1990s, several corpses were found in mass graves which revealed the massacre to the public.