7 Life Hacks For Survival

You might be someone who loves outdoor camping and experimenting with adventurous hiking, trail running or cycling. Are you planning for a fun-filled and thrilling camping outdoors? If your answer is a yes, you have to make sure that you are aware of some of the survival strategies or survival life hacks that can be helpful in the most difficult situations required under any circumstances.
You will be thankful to this article that you will get to learn 10 of the most effective and simple survival life hacks that can help you to survive before any rescue team arrives for you. Before you get to know about the 10 survival tips, it is a recommended aspect that you leave a note with your destination, contact numbers of your partners, the return date or any other similar information at home so that it is easier for your family and friends to track you down in case you get stuck somewhere.
So, let’s give it up for these 10 superb survival life hacks! Instructions In The Video in the end of the article.
1. You can light up a candle with the help of an orange peel. Make sure you cut the orange gently from middle and take out the peel leaving a wig on it. Using any kind of oil light up the wick and your orange candle is ready to flame for a longer duration.

life hacks using orange peel candle
orange peel candle

2. In case you want to unlock a lock for which you’ve lost the key or you might have forgotten the combination number, then try this! All you need to do is take a beverage aluminum can, cut it a v-shape and wrap it on the handle of the lock and insert it deep so that you can easily pull it out and unlock it.
unlock lock with can life hacks
unlock lock with can

3. In order to make fire in a jungle, you can use steel wool, cotton balls and a battery and you can make fire easily.
Life hacks- Make fire with steel wool
Make fire with steel wool

4. You can keep yourself protected from attacks by simple use of your water bottle and balloons and few sharp sticks. Cut the bottle from the top and insert it in the balloon. You can insert the sticks and since balloons are elastic in nature you can stretch them gently and thereby throw the sticks at your enemies.
life hacks- balloon and bottle
Balloon and bottle

5. There is yet another way of making fire in critical times. Make use of chewing gum, aluminum wrapping paper and battery or a cell.
Life hacks- Gum and battery to make fire
Gum and battery to make fire

6. The same thing as mentioned in the above point can be executed with the help of olive oil and the result is pretty good.
olive oil candle life hacks
olive oil candle

7. If you have a straw, needle and a magnifying glass, this survival strategy can work perfectly for life hacks. Cut the straw into two small pieces. Magnify the needle by rubbing on the magnet. Place the straws on both the ends of the needle and place it on water. You will find that it floats on the water.
Life hacks with straw


For Step By Step Instructions For All The Above, Refer To The Video.

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