10 Food Combinations You Must Avoid

This one’s for all the foodies out there! Well, we all love to gorge on our favorite foods but food does come with rules. While food is very important for our survival we need to take care about our diet on a regular basis. Some food combinations can lead to worse outcomes. So better be careful what you eat. Here we give you 10 unhealthy food combinations that you should always avoid!

1.     Dairy with raisins, fruit or radish

Food combinations to avoid- radish and dairy

Fruits are easy to digest and milk is exactly the opposite. If you combine fruits with milk then it is likely to curdle the milk and create acidity. Radish on the other hand, is a heating food while dairy is cooling. So never opt for these two in combination.

2.     Fish and milk

Food combinations to avoid- fish and milk
Fish and milk

Having milk in combination with fish can be harmful. So does our grandmas say! Fish is a heating food and milk is cooling. If you combine these two in a meal or consume them back to back can result in toxins and blockages in your system.

3.     Milk and salt

Food combinations to avoid- Milk and salt
Milk and salt

Milk is a tissue nourishing food while salt is an astringent. Such a contradiction is something you should always refrain from.