Checkout The List Of 10 Craziest Ways People Quit Their Jobs

Job dissatisfaction is not uncommon, but not everyone quits when they are unsatisfied. Well, these people not only quit their jobs, they did so in the most creative, crazy and mind-boggling ways one can think of.

1. Drug Dealing Employee

21-year-old Zhou did not want to hand in his resignation because he was too embarrassed to do so. Instead, he concocted an elaborate scheme which involved calling the police to tell them that he was a drug dealer. Being interrogated by police seemed a much better excuse to resign it seemed.

Quit 1


2. Marching Out

Joey DeFrancesco hired a marching band, yes, an entire marching band to walk out of his office after resigning. He handed in his resignation and walked out to the tune of spectacular band music.

Quit 2


3. Weed Over Salary

TV news anchor Charlo Greene quit during a live news segment about cannabis. Why? Because the cannabis club in question was owned by her and she would much rather focus on getting weed legalized than reading out the news. She was later escorted out of the building by the police.

Quit 3