10 Amazing Things That Happen To Your Nails When You Stop Using Nail Polish

Don’t you love well-manicured nails that are painted candy-colored to perfection? Wait before you go investing in another bottle of nail polish. Your vibrant nail varnishes are a concoction of chemicals. These chemicals are endocrine disruptors and may even turn possible carcinogens, especially if they come in line from not-so-expensive brands. You do not want these coats of chemical disruptors anywhere near you and let your health go downhill. We shall discuss 10 benefits of letting your nails be naked after you overcome your desire to coat them colorful.

#1 Without the Nail Polish Your Nails Grow Stronger

Plagued with weak nail ridges, uneven half-moons, and rough cuticles? Well, it is your nail polish remover to blame. The strong solvent in your nail polish remover is the actual cause that strips your nails and cuticles of water. This makes them dry, prone to peeling, splitting and develop other surface irregularities.

Amazing Benefits if You Quit Using Nail Polish
Nail Polish Remover Dries Strips The Nails Off its Natural Moisture

#2 The Yellowish Undertone Disappears

Do you find a yellowish tinge covering your nails? Do you keep applying more colorful coats just to hide the yellow nail? Stop. The nail polish is the cause of the yellowish undertone on your nails. It just like drinking too much tea will cause brown stains on your teeth. A vacation from your pretty varnishes will help your nails develop their natural pink hue within a week.

Amazing Benefits if You Quit Using Nail Polish
Without the Regular Color Coats Nails Lose the Yellow Tinge


#3 Time to Lose Those White Patches

When you nails are covered with nail polish for longer periods, it causes the development of keratin granulation. This, in turn, leads to white patches and other surface irregularities. The superficial layer of your nails is badly affected by the chemical concoction in the nail polish as well remover. Let us vow to keep our nails free from these chemical cocktails and give those white patches a chance to disappear.

Amazing Benefits if You Quit Using Nail Polish
Nails Lose The White Patches Within a Week or So