Find Out Why These 25 Once Superstars Will Never Be Cast Into Big Budget Movies.

Show business and entertainment industry in general is a very tough place to be in. Movie stars rise just as quickly as they fall. During the highlight perios of their lives, they deliver back to back hits with too much work load to handle. The next moment they find it tough to stay in the limelight and eventually fade away from the industry completely.
Some of these actors are victims of their own choices, while some simply unlucky. These stars started their careers with a bang, but today can be seen struggling to find a steady job.
Hollywood does not care who you were in the past. The only thing that matters in now, and these actors learnt that the hard way.

1. Katherine Heigl

In the late 2000’s, Katherine was the highest paid actress in Hollywood and on the way to seal her position as the leading lady in cinema, if she hadn’t made a few dumb decisions. Quite a few actually. Like quitting Grey’s Anatomy, dissing her own movies and being a total hypocrite about her movie choices to name a few.

Movie Stars Hollywood Doesn't Cast.
Movie Stars Hollywood Doesn’t Cast.