25 Easy Ways To Irritate The Hell Out Of Your Boyfriend. #5 Will Make Him Go Crazy.

It is the little pranks and the laughs you get on your significant other that serves as one of the best uncanny advantages of having a relationship. Plus, not only do they make things light, they also strengthen the bond between a man and a woman.

But sadly, the truth is that it is hard to irritate a man. Probably because they are usually the one who annoy you and hence better immune to your little annoyances & pranks. But all that is about to change from now.

We have made a list of 25 insane ways which would make even the most patient man loose his freaking mind.



1. Decide to change your outfit right before you are about to go out. Even though you’re going nearby and you really don’t need to change your wardrobe.

Annoy Your Boyfriend
Annoy Your Boyfriend